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OceanicTime Special EDITION coming SOON

Question: What has a case made of Grade 5 Titanium, a hi-gloss deep black minimalist dial with applied chrome hour markers filled with Swiss BGW9 lume -

a chromed OceanicTime diver icon, a prominent bright orange minute hand and WR text, has a chunky G5 Ti divers bezel with a ceramic inlay; and comes in two versions -

one powered by a Swiss made ETA 2824 with a 6mm thick flat Sapphire crystal and a comfortable 4.5mm thick G5 Ti caseback with OceanicTime diver icon engraving and a staggering water-resistance of ?000 meters that has been independently tested and certified -

the other, powered by an ETA 2892 with an 8.25mm thick raised Challenger-style Sapphire crystal and a massive but wearable 6mm thick G5 Ti caseback with OceanicTime diver icon engraving and an even more staggering WR of ?000 meters (2000m higher than above version) independently tested and certified - making it the deepest and most accessible production mechanical diver available in the world!

Answer: the next OceanicTime Special Edition! Stay tuned for more soon . . .


  1. Totally listening....and ready to pounce! Lol

  2. I'm guessing Clemens H. has something to do with this?!

  3. wow. This project sounds great. Now ... who is the producer ?
    option 1: H20/Helberg - and I think that "Clemens is the name of the game"
    option 2: Boschett.

  4. H2O custom job, standard is on the website but not the new special in Ti 6000 or 8000