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H2O Watches STEEL development

By TLex Got steel?! H2O Watches have, and it is ain’t your ordinary run-of-the-mill 316L Stainless steel – theirs has been specially developed in Germany to have an extremely high corrosion resistance (particularly to seawater) with around 50% higher Vickers rating of hardness compared to the aforementioned 316L.

Its Nickel content is also particularly low with less than 0.3% making it an ultra-clean steel that is comparable in its specification to medical grade biocompatible Titanium. As hard as this steel is, it’s almost negligible Nickel content means it won’t be hard on your skin making Nickel allergies a thing of the past.

H2O Watches are currently working with a German CNC manufacturing company using their latest 6-axle CNC machines to produce their own controlled case production. After successfully passing the testing phase - future H2O & HELBERG cases will be made in-house for certain models and using with H2O’s new steel; starting with the H2O ORCA MONO 2, which is ready for a first test production in March!

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