DELMA BLUE SHARK IV [venture into the abyss]

Venture into the abyssal zone with DELMA's new deep diver, the 5000m water- resistant BLUE SHARK IV. A high degree of water-resistance is something that you should except from any tool diver worth its salt. However when that watch's depth rating exceeds industry norms required for a typical diver's watch by a factor of ten or more.

It might raise a contentious eyebrow or two but it always raises the same question, what's the point? 

And I would say, ask not why but why not. Because few features so perfectly exemplify the engineering required of a diver's watch than does its water-resistance.

Only a handful of a Swiss watchmakers have the manufacturing capabilities to engineer these types of depth defying wristwatches that we have seen fall in and out of favor. And then right back in again over the past two decades. And only one of them (that I know of) is a family run business such as DELMA is (since 1924) whose latest version of its flagship diver's model, the Blue Shark IV boasts a water-resistance that is up to 25 times higher than your typical diver's watch. The Blue Shark IV supersedes its superb predecessors with an unfathomable water-resistance of 5000 meters inviting adventure and exploration in both thought and deed. As the fourth iteration of DELMA’s acclaimed deep-sea diver, it embraces the inimitable Blue Shark design while integrating upgraded durability along with some subtle aesthetic enhancements. Between 3000 and 6000 meters beneath the ocean's surface lies the abyssal zone, a cold lightless region of immense pressure and chilling temperatures. The unique creatures that dwell at these depths have evolved to survive in this harsh environment. Unusual characteristics such as transparency and bioluminescence enable them to thrive.

Likewise, DELMA’s Blue Sharks have become increasingly resilient and distinctive through years of refinement and advancement, evolving to become trusted timing instruments of the deep. 

DELMA’s first Blue Shark was launched in 2011 with a clear mission: to be prepared for deep sea exploration, capable of performing at practically inaccessible depths.

With water resistance to 3000 meters, it was to serve as the foundation for a family of Blue Sharks each with their own distinctive characteristics. 

The future generations would not only dive deeper, limited-editions also introduced a philanthropic component.

The Blue Shark II introduced subtle refinements with a focus on strength while the Blue Shark III Azores directly supports research initiatives in its namesake archipelago which contribute to conservation of endangered sharks.

The Blue Shark IV has the power to go places where most humans would dare not even dream to venture to. 

Delma’s most powerful Blue Shark distinguishes itself as an exceptional divers’ instrument while possessing the collection's distinctive style.

The solid 47mm in diameter stainless steel case is appointed with superlative features for strength and security. The helium escape valve at 9 o’ clock and screw down crown ensure unparalleled levels of impermeability. The unidirectional, easy to grip bezel is refined to complement the new 20mm case height. Bold numerals, indexes and hands are accentuated with Super-LumiNova for clear legibility in the depths of the sea. With a sporty and robust personality, the Blue Shark IV’s quality craftsmanship is to be admired down to the finest detail and relied upon in all conditions. Offered in the collection’s signature blue, black and orange dials, the Blue Shark IV is equipped for extreme diving as well as an alluring accessory for sports and recreational pursuits above the surface.

Custom security screws and bespoke tools enable easy and reliable adjustment of the interchangeable solid stainless-steel bracelet and genuine rubber strap. 

Set in a customized wooden box, the Blue Shark IV celebrates the mystery of the sea and is prepared for what lies ahead.

The Blue Shark IV will be released this September in all stainless-steel and black DLC coated bezel with each variation limited to 999 pieces. 



CIRCULA DiveSport [as tough as it is lightweight]

Lightweight, robust and boasting a 500-meters water-resistant, Titanium watch case with a scratch-resistant coating, this is the latest diver's model from Circula. 

The family-run and owned watch brand from Pforzheim, one of Germany’s most historic horological enclaves, is back with their latest tool diver, the new, the inimitable DiveSport

The DiveSport combines rugged durability, an innovative design, and lightweight case materials to withstand whatever life throws at whether in the hands of professional divers or hardcore diver's watch enthusiasts.

The DiveSport boasts a stunning utilitarian sandblasted Grade 2 Titanium case and solid case-back, providing a high degree of comfort and dependability on the wrist. 

Its scratch-resistant surface treatment, hardened up to an impressive 1'200 Vickers, ensures that the DiveSport maintains its pristine appearance even after use in the harshest of environments.

Measuring a managble 42mm in diameter, with 48.5mm lug to lug length, and a modest 13.4mm profile, the DiveSport strikes the perfect balance between robustness and sleekness. 

Its unidirectional rotational diver's bezel, with 120 precise clicks, features a choice of Titanium, DLC-coated Titanium, or petrol-colored Aluminum inlay options. 

It's water-resistance meets the requirements of professional diver's watches, as the DiveSport comes with an impressive 500 meter depth rating thanks to its a screw-down crown and case-back.

Powering the NEW DiveSport is a Swiss self-winding movement, the caliber Sellita SW200-1 Elaboré with 28,800 vibrations, 26 jewels and 41-hours of autonomy, providing the timepiece with a good amount accuracy and reliability. 

The DiveSport comes with a wide range of captivating dials. The sand textured dials in black and grey exude an aire of sophistication, while the scratch pattern dials in petrol and yellow add a bright sporty aesthetic.

The watch hands and hour markers have been generously filled with Swiss Super-LumiNova® BGW9 and C3 X1, ensuring excellent legibility in any lighting condition. 

Completing its impressive features, the DiveSport comes on a rubber diver's strap featuring quick-release pins for easy strap swapping.

For those desiring a more a elevated look, there's an optional, scratch-resistant Titanium bracelet available as an additional option. 

As is customary with all Circula's new models, the DiveSport was created in collaboration with watch enthusiasts from all over the world.

During the joint development on the brand's website, over 1,000 watch fans voted on various aspects. 

Like all mechanical watches from Circula, the new Titanium diver’s watch is built and fine adjusted in Pforzheim, Germany.

The Circula DiveSport can be ordered from the online shop of the brand, starting at EUR 949 (incl. VAT) / USD ~799 (excl. VAT), including worldwide free shipping. With an additional titanium bracelet it costs EUR 1,129 (incl. VAT) / USD ~949 (excl. VAT). 

 Follow the link embedded, below for more information on the new DiveSport from CIRCULA.


AUDAZ QUANTUM DIVER [a true head turner]

When strong angular case architecture collides with the soft flowing curves of a diver's watch, the results are bound to turn not only the wheels of time but many a head. 

With its stunning openwork case architecture, open work dial and skeletonized mechanical movement, AUDAZ debuts one of their most audacious new diver's models to date.

Introducing the new QUANTUM collection from AUDAZ Watches, a design imbued with an adventurous spirit that will transport you from the bustling urban landscape to calming serenity of the sea and back again. The Quantum watch features a multi-component case design with a sandwich-type construction that creates a stunning interplay between the angular and curved facets of the case. Boasting modern open-worked lugs, enhanced by a satin brush finish and refined polished edges, the Quantum is the epitome of modern watch design. Meanwhile its skeletonized dial displays intricate movement mechanisms, adding a further avant-garde touch all the while drawing attention to its streamlined industrial aesthetics. The Quantum watch perfectly demonstrates AUDAZ Watches' core values:such as quality, functionality, and style. It is a rugged tool diver, featuring a tough sapphire crystal for scratch protection, a crisp 120' click unidirectional diver's bezel. With a high-tech ceramic insert, and generous use of optimally glowing C3 grade Swiss SuperLumiNova on its hands, hour indices, and markers. The Quantum also integrates high-end Lorica straps, made from thin microfibers that provide excellent water resistance and durability while maintaining a high degree of softness. The Quantum diver has been engineered to withstand upto 200 meters of atmospheric pressure underwater.

The Quantum watches are powered by the reliable TMI-NH72 Skeletonized Automatic movement. They are available from AUDAZ now. Follow the link for more information on pricing and availability. 


H2O Watch KALMAR 2 25000M DLC [HOT SALE]

Meet the deepest, the most wearable and the most competitively priced deep diver on ever made. 

If someone told you that you could buy a car that was as well-built as a Ferrari and almost as refined, only it was lacking its heritage, its pedigree, and its famous name.

But was a whole lot faster, just as sexy and was available for a fraction of the price, wouldn’t you be interested? I know I would be. 

This is what you get when you buy a KALMAR 2 25000M from H2O Watch. It’s just as well-built as any of the deepest divers from Rolex or Omega; it’s no slouch in terms of refinement either.

Its heritage doesn’t stretch back several decades and it by no means boasts a famous household name. 

But it’s got nearly 15 years of German pedigree and still holds the World record for the deepest mechanical wristwatch ever made, by MILES!

Based on the TEN MILES watch created by H2O for OCEANICTIME, the KALAMR 2 25000M is unmatched in terms of water-resistance. It is also unmatched in terms of wear-ability and is the most wearable extreme deep diver’s watch ever created. Not only is it of a reasonable size and weight but its Titanium construction allows for supreme levels of comfort on the wrist. This Summer H2O Watch has created a badass bunch of five KAL 2 25000M models with solid DLC coated Titanium Grade 5 cases, bezels and case-backs. There are five unique dial options to choose from, each offering further customization by adding different crystals, bezels etc. You can even upgrade the movement to a Swiss Top Grade caliber. The five DLC models are as follows: BLACK2ORANGE FADE BLACK2BLUE FADE BLACK TiMASCUS DAMASTSTAHL Follw the above links to be taken the H2O Watch online shop where there are more photos, a full rundown of technical specifications, customization options as well as packaging and accessories.

ALL five KALMAR 2 25000M DLC models or part of H2O’s SUMMER DLC SALE Sale ends September 8th. 


DEEP BLUE Master 2000 Day Date DIVER [modern masculinity]

Same great name, same great watch, same great price! Here’s one way to celebrate your masculinity – by choosing one of the roughest and toughest wristwatches that there are, the humble diver. Because we should never allow our masculinity to be eroded by the vocal minority, you know what I’m talking about. Men, we provide, we build shit, we take risks, we fight wars, and we dive! Here’s a watch imbued with a modern masculine aesthetic that is just at home on a construction site, chained to an office desk or resting on a bar alongside a single malt whiskey as it is beneath the waves. It’s DEEP BLUE Watches’ Master 2000 Day Date Diver powered by a Swiss automatic movement, water-resistant to 2000 meters and glowing like a torch. Its key diver’s features include; a depth rating to 2’000 meters or 6’600 feet, anti-magnetic to 70000 a/m, am automatic Helium release valve and a 120-click ceramic luminous diver’s bezel. Housed within its 45mm 316L Stainless steel case is a Swiss made ETA 2836-2 caliber automatic movement with 25 jewel, a beat-rate of 28,800vph and power-reserve of approx. 42hrs. Beneath its sapphire crystal with ant-reflective coating is the dial which is available in a number of styles and with SuperLumiNova BGW9 (blue) lume on its hour markers hands and bezel. It comes on a stainless steel 316L diver’s bracelet with screw links, 1/2 links and scissor deploying clasp. The Master 2000 Day Date Diver from DEEP BLUE still comes with same price as the original watch of the same name released in 2009!

Thoughts? This one’s got strong manly vibes. You can rest assured that it’ll do exactly what it says on the tin. Snowflakes need not apply! 


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