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Azimuth XTREME-I Collection

By TLex One of the coolest things about making the pilgrimage to Basel this year was meeting up with my friends in the watch industry not least of which was the time spent with the mildly eccentric, mad-genius that is Alvin Lye of AZIMUTH, who kindly invited us to sit down at the back of his booth in a mock military bunker whereupon a radio-controlled tank drove in and delivered a prototype of his latest creation, the Azimuth LANDSHIP!

As cool as that was, there was no need for any pretense as to the true purpose of my visit; I had come to check out a production model of the DEEP DIVER and the two SEA-HUMs. And I was not disappointed! For those of you, who might not have been following; I previewed the DEEP DIVER prototype and the SEA-HUMs here last April.

The quality of the production models was exceptional, their fit, finish; every last detail beautifully executed, rubber straps included. The looks of the watches, whilst unconventional seemed to fit well with what Azimuth the brand are doing. And after chatting at length with Alvin I was left feeling quite excited about the possibility of future dive watch creations from this forwarding thinking company. Who knows maybe one day an Azimuth Submarine watch will surface.

Stay tuned for more from Azimuth plus an in-depth review of DEEP DIVER . . .

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