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AZIMUTH Xtreme-1 Deep Diver (prototype)

By TLex I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a prototype of the yet to be released 2000m über-diver from Swiss avant-garde watchmaker, AZIMUTH. The AZIMUTH Xtreme-1 Deep Diver will be released alongside two other models in the Xtreme-1 collection. Of the three it is the one that has caused the most excitement and interest.

It's massive case very much a reflection of AZIMUTH's avant-garde DNA whereas its extreme specifications which include a 2000m depth rating, a huge domed sapphire crystal and lateral HEV a reflection of the professional diving instrument that it is. The model featured today is only a prototype so there will be some differences, and improvements that will made to the actual production model, which are detailed below.

I've been wearing the Deep Diver on and off for the last few days, and was surprised at how comfortable a watch it is to wear. You'll never get a wrist-shot out of me, sorry, I just don't do them, but I can guarantee you the Deep Diver is every bit as appealing on the wrist as it is off.

This is just the first set images. I plan to take a few comparison shots with some other large cased divers that I have such as the ENNEBI Fondale, BURAN Stingray and possibly my PAM 243; and will also feature two other AZIMUTH prototypes from their Xtreme-1 collection; the 1500m Sea-Hum GMT and the 500m Sea-Hum 3TZ. Stay tuned for much more . . .

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* The winding crown is too small on this prototype. The actual crown will be bigger with 'pyramid' studs and a rubber groove near the tip of the crown for better grip. The crown will also be flushed (level) with the crown guards as well fully screwed down.

* The crown guards are currently too small and will be bulked up to be broader and bigger to accommodate the bigger winding crown.

* Bezel currently does not have luminous tipped 5 minute markers which the end product will have (please refer to official pics).

* Deep Diver words will be in RED for actual production.

* Currently, the capsule is made of steel but the end product will be in titanium so it will be lighter.

* The production model will have an engraved case back and signed crown.

* The actual production version of the Deep Diver will be released on a very high quality rubber strap (not pictured here). It will be manufactured by the same rubber strap makers who supply Bell & Ross and Louis Vuitton

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