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AZIMUTH Xetreme-1 Sea-Hum GMT & 3TZ (prototypes)

By TLex I have been very fortunate to get my hands on AZIMUTH's entire Xtreme-1 collection of prototypes and am no less impressed with the two Sea-Hum models as I was with the Deep Diver. Less eccentric and far more staid than the Deep Diver, but as finely made are these two entry level divers from AZIMUTH. Sure there is a deliberate genericism to them, if you want AZIMUTH's avant-garde DNA you will find it in the über-cool Deep Diver that you've no doubt already been gawking at for the last month or so.

Solid, refined and beautifully finished, the Sea-Hums find themselves very much in Breitling and Omega territory. The SEA-HUM GMT (in blue here) with a 1500m water-resistance, enormous domed sapphire crystal and Rolex-style HEV is the higher spec.-ed sibling whereas the 500m SEA-HUM 3TZ offers a good starting point for the entire collection.

Please don't forget these are prototypes and as such will differ somewhat from the actual production models. AZIMUTH's design team were not entirely happy with the crown guards; you will notice how thick and pronounced they are. The finished models will be much sleeker with a far more sloped gradient. Please see below for a complete list of changes that will made to these models.

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* Both crown guards are too thick. The actual production models will have a much more sloped gradient and the overall thickness will be a lot sleeker than current.

* Winding crowns will be similar to the Deep Diver.

* Finishing on the bracelet for the GMT is brushed as opposed to polished on the thinner bands (now). Current bracelets seen are both for the 3TZ models.

* Clasps will be more refined than current.

* GMT orange minute hand will be a lot brighter in color. Now is a little dull.

* Triangular marker on the bezel will be solid as opposed to hollow (center now) .

* Super Luminova markers on the bezel insert will all match the dial (white).

Crowns and claps will be signed and there will of course be case back engravings.

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