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G.A.W. Kraken 2.0 9500M L.E.

Allow me to address the elephant in the room – this is a mechanical wristwatch with 9500 meters of water-resistance; that’s 950 bar of pressure and 31,168 ft deeper than my usual soak in the bathtub, and for argument’s sake 9470 meters deeper than even the most seasoned scuba divers typically reach, so what’s the bloody point?

If you’re scratching you head at this point in the conversation, it’s probably because you feel this overkill and it is, but it’s just numbers, folks, numbers that indicate to us just how tough this beautifully engineered, handcrafted Italian diving instrument happens to be.

If that is, the 70s inspired, artisanal charms had somehow escaped you and you only saw a brick. A beautifully sculpted brick constructed from the strongest Grade 5 Titanium and boasting a G.A.W. modified Swiss ETA 2824/2 automatic mechanical movement at its heart.

We could discuss at length the virtues of such a watch vs. real world necessity, you could ask a Pagani owner about fuel economy or boot-spcae if you like, too, but if you are someone who has an appreciation of engineering and a fondness for handcrafted Italian watches, look no further.

The G.A.W. Kraken 9500M has been limited just 10 pieces. Interested parties should contact Gruppo Ardito Watches directly and ask for Fabio.


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