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A few words on this fantastic bronze offering from EXTático of Spain - especially for those people in a quandary over which version to get - ALUMINUM or Bronze?

As I have already covered the Juntor Al in some detail, I will try not to discuss so much the traits that they share in common - rather any differences that they have beyond the obvious aesthetic features.

If you are unfamiliar with EXTático as a brand, they are a family run business producing handmade (in Spain) wristwatches.

Pretty much, each and every component has been drawn up, realized as a 3D rendering and then built from scratch in EXTático’s workshop.

None of the Juntotr’s parts are off-the-shelf; main case, bezel, case-back, crown, buckle even the specially molded and dyed rubber strap that it is fitted with has been produced in-house by EXTático.

That in itself is pretty amazing but what's better; unlike many other horological workshops producing such timepieces, these watches won't break the bank with prices starting at 1200euro – 1275euro (bronze).

The Juntor as a watch concept was initially designed to offer diversity through its many different anodized components but also something that would be strong and lightweight which is why aerospace-grade aluminum was chosen for its construction.

However EXTático quickly realized that the Juntor would lend itself equally well to bronze and so the Juntor Bronze was born.

The Juntor is not a dive watch per se, rather a sports watch with some diver's features such as its solid rotating bezel with engraved 10 min scale and its tough Sapphire crystal.

It possesses neither screw-down crown nor case-back but instead uses a simple push-down crown closure with gaskets while its case-back is secured via 4 large screws allowing the Juntor to have a water-resistance of 200 meters.

The Juntor Bronze has quite the toolish appearance with its matte sand-blasted finish and chunky overall style.

Naturally it weighs quite a bit more than its Aluminum sibling, by exactly how much I am not sure but it has almost twice its heft which will be something to take into consideration if pitting it against the Al version.

Despite its extra weight, the Juntor Bronze still feels good on the wrist. The rubber strap does much to ass to the watch’s overall comfort as it is soft and light and wraps perfectly around your wrist.

In this instance the Juntor Bronze has been paired with burgundy colored rubber strap which imho is the perfect match.

However as EXTático make all their own rubber straps they could produce pretty much any color you wish – olive green or brown would work well with bronze as would navy blue.

All Juntor models share the same complex sintered grey dials and hand-wound movements, a Swiss made ETA 6498-1.

Overall thoughts? The Juntor Bronze is a great proposition for anyone looking to get something a little different from the usual mass-produced offerings.

Because the watches are produced in such limited numbers, they feel very special – not quite handcrafted like your typical artisanal diver, not as refined as a branded Swiss diver, perhaps somewhere in-between.


Follow the link HERE or the one embedded, below for more information on the EXTático Juntor & Diver models.

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