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HAVAAN TUVALI Code-Zero-6 DIVER [dive tribe]

Like many boutique and micro watch brands, the story of Havaan Tuvali started out with watch enthusiasts, not being able to find the right watches for themselves.

The ones they liked were too expensive, and the ones that they could afford were not to their taste. So they set off to create their own watch, and so the Havaan Tuvali watch brand was born.

The name, Havaan Tuvali has a charming story behind it. It originates from the Taiwanese aboriginal Burun tribal language, meaning - The Deer’s Sunset.

The ancient Burun people believed that at sun’s down, when the deer came out from the forest to browse for food and water, it signaled the time for people to finish up their day’s work. In some way, it was how the Burun Tribe told time.

Havaan Tuvali wanted to create timepieces that not only had the looks, but also the performance to match, which is why they select only the finest materials and parts to make their timepieces.

They traditionally only use Swiss automatic movements because they believe each wristwatch is like a single being, and only a proper mechanical movement can give it its heartbeat.

Their goal is to make reliable timepieces that their owners can proudly wear for many years.


Fun and practical was the essence behind Havaan Tuvali’s debut diver’s model. The idea came from a visit to a Naval museum in Hiroshima. The pressure gauge from a diver’s air tank and its’ sub-temperature gauge inspired the Code-Zero-6 Diver’s design.

The gauge-like dial features a sub-seconds display at 8 o’clock and a one-of-a-kind central temperature sensing indicator, matched with 800 meters of water-resistance and an automatic Helium Escape valve to make it a true diver’s watch.

How do the temperature indicators work?

The 9 temperature indictors located in the center of the dial are liquid crystal, and are capable of sensing temperature from 0 to 40℃ (in increments of 5℃). The liquid crystal indicators are thin films; each one has been painstakingly handmade and neatly sandwiched between the dial and the movement.

The original state of the indicators are black, - when detected, the temperature color will either turn green, blue or brown.

Green is the actual reading, brown is just above the actual reading and blue is just below the actual reading.

For example, if the temperature is 25℃, the 25 square will become green; if the temperature is 23℃, the 25 square will turn blue and the 20 square will turn brown.

Specifications of the CODE ZERO-6 DIVER are as follows – a 43mm by 15mm by 52mm (L-to-L) Surgical Grade 316L Stainless steel case, housing a Swiss made Sellita SW290-1 automatic movement. Sub-second’s dial at 8 o’clock sub seconds plus central LCD temperature indicators.

Divers features include: a double-domed anti-reflective sapphire crystal, unidirectional ion-plated 316L Stainless steel divers bezel, Swiss C3 SuperLuminova hands and hour markers, screw-down crown and case-back, HEV and 800 meters of water-resistance.

The Havaan Tuvali CODE ZERO-6 DIVER is available in 8 variants each with its own name priced 550USD.

BLUEFIN - blue bezel, blue dial on steel. BLUEFIN II - blue bezel, blue dial on blue rubber.

ORCA - black bezel, black dial on steel. ORCA II - black bezel, black dial on black rubber.

MARLIN - silver bezel, white dial on steel. MARLIN II - blue bezel, white dial on blue rubber.

SNAPPER - silver bezel, red dial on steel. SNAPPER II - black bezel, red dial on black rubber.

Please follow the link HERE or the one embedded, below for more on the CODE ZERO-6 DIVER by Havaan Tuvali.


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