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Sinn BLU1 & BLU1 S for PAGE & COOPER

I was a little late to the party on these two Special Edition Sinn U1s created for Page & Cooper which means that both the BLU1 and BLU1 S have already sold out of all 50 pieces.

The Sinn BLU1 and BLU1 S were created in celebration of Page & Cooper’s 5th Year of partnership with Sinn as their authorized dealer and service center in the UK.

The BLU1’s graduated blue dial was developed and tested in close collaboration with Sinn. It follows the layers of water just as sunlight behaves in similar circumstances,

highlighting the fact that light will not travel as far as the BLU1 can dive to the depths of the ocean.

The Sinn BLU1's will be amongst the very last watches to be produced at the original Sinn factory before the company relocates to Frankfurt am Main.

Only 35 pieces of the BLU1 Stainless steel and just 15 pieces of black fully Tegimented BLU1 S were created.

Page & Cooper are unable to ship Sinn watches outside of the EU, so these were only ever going to be for EU customers. If you were lucky enough to get one – it’ll ship in September.

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