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By TLex Introducing HALDOR Watches and their debut divers model, the Abissi. While the Abissi was designed in Germany and manufactured in Switzerland, HALDOR Watches are based in South West Slovenia near Italy.

Despite the Italian sounding name, the Abissi’s German design elements shine right through. The watch has a robust and purposeful look to it; not too dissimilar to some of the other German offerings we’ve seen from H2O or Limes.

Divers features include: a 4mm thick AR-coated Sapphire crystal, Swiss C3 SLN, a Helium Escape Valve at 9 0’clock, a 120-click type unidirectional rotational divers bezel with a ceramic inlay,

a screwdown crown and caseback and a water-resistance to 1000 meters. The Abissi’s WR has been officially tested and certified in a Swiss testing facility. The caseback as a cool aquanaut motif that incorporates the Haldor logo.

The Abissi has been made using top quality materials such as the Marine Grade 316L Stainless steel that was used for its 45.5 x 15.5 x 57mm case or the Zirconia (ZrO2) that was used for the inlay of its divers bezel.

The Abissi has been assembled in Switzerland according to the strict guidelines and regulations of Swiss watchmaking using the latest manufacturing techniques that the industry has to offer.

Judging by the close-up of the inlay, the execution seems flawless; those are some precise looking engraved markers, spotless filled, too – and that lume capsule looks perfect!

HALDOR only use Swiss Made movements that have been tested in modern Swiss laboratories.

These are set and adjusted to either TOP or Chronometer grade to ensure the highest level of precision. For this model this model, the Abissi receives an ETA 2824-2 TOP GRADE.

HALDOR will open PRE-ORDERs , today, December 22nd with an ‘Early Bird’ offer giving the first 20 INDIEGOGO backers FREE worldwide shipping.



  1. 57mm lug to lug won't fit anyone's wrist. Compare, the Rolex submariner is 47. The gigantic Seiko Tuna is 50mm. I'm struggling to figure out how this watch will look on the average 6.5 to 7 inch wrist. Most people complain that 52mm is too big, even with curved lugs. 😭

  2. I agree with Mike. I was drooling about this watch until I came across the dimensions! Unfortunate because the looks of this one are outstanding and pretty unique!

    1. Julian,I have been seriously thinking about this watch as well.My wrist is about 7 3/4". Do you ave any thoughts on how it might fit.This would be my first dive moderately priced watch.

    2. Hi Howard, the watch itself is a real beauty. From trial and error I have to say that even for medium to large size wrists 45mmx15mm is on the bigger side. MY main question is how you'd like to use the watch. In my case, although a "tool" watch, I use them for every day which often includes suits. Anything bigger than 43mm but especially taller than 13mm is uncomfortable enough that I simply don't wear it. Having said that, I have a couple of watches I like so much and yet are large enough that they're my designated Sunday watches.

      One last thought; this watch is so nice that I would go for it. You will be able to tell instantly if it's a keeper or not... not so much for the watch itself but for how it actually wears on your wrist. If you don't get that wow-moment then there is a reasonable market for it to be sold as new... just a thought. Even if you lose a little money in the process I think sometimes (like for this watch) it's worth it.

      Please let us know what you decide!

  3. Hi if u look on website it shows a man wearing watch with 6.7" wrist. Watch looks fine as its only top down length and not saide to side.

  4. Would be interesting to know if you had the real watch in your hands, or like all the others just reviewed the images offered by them. Reason for asking is that there is not a lot of detail for the people behind this offered. And according to the rules they are fine if they never ever deliver anything actually...
    The names offered are the ones of a programmer (what will he contribute to a watch?) and a want to be politician that according to some articles on the web was involved into a corruption case in Slovenia on delivering a broadband project ...
    As much as I would love the watch, there is too much uncertainty behind this.

  5. I've personally bought and love this watch!! It is EXACTLY as described in the review. It also fits VERY comfortably on my 7 1/4" wrist. The feel is actually amazing. For the money, especially if you see one pop up second hand in the forums, is WELL worth it IMO.