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By TLex If ever there was a case of the pictures being able to do all the talking, this would be it

– they tell a story of  three spectacular versions of one very special dive watch known as the DECOMASTER, the culmination of 5 years immersion in the field of dive watches.

With the DECOMASTER, CREPAS have revisited a little known experimental prototype watch based on an historical Omega diver, the Seamster 1000m.

As they did with the LeGRAND and every other model since it, CREPAS have created a watch that has all the charm and appeal of the vintage model that inspired it,

combined with the very latest materials and specifications that one might expect to find on a high-end modern Swiss mechanical dive watch being sold for more than 3 or 4 time sits price.

Not only does DECOMASTER boast a slew of high-end divers features; such as its Helium Escape Valve,

its 4000 meters of water-resistance or its set of interchangeable divers bezel complete with Sapphire crystal inlay,

but it makes use of a simple yet effective means of measuring depth using color via a chromatic depth gauge that has been incorporated into one of its 3 bezels.

Improving on the watch’s water-resistance by 2800 meters meant increasing both the crystal and the caseback thickness.

However this was achieved without having to increase the overall thickness beyond 15mm. The knock on effect resulted in the slimmer ETA 2892-A2 caliber being chosen to power it.

CREPAS are offering the DECOMASTER at a promotional net rate of 743 euros until, tomorrow, December 22nd. It will only be available to reserve until December 31st 2015.

Interested parties should contact CREPAS, directly.

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  1. It should read 4000 meters of water-resistant not 400 meters