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TRITON Subphotique 2ndLOOK

By TLex Here's another look at the upcoming Triton SUBPHOTIQUE, which has been produced by a newly reborn TRITON Swiss watch company. An official launch in Belgium, France and Switzerland should have already gone ahead by now. However the WEBSITE is still not ready.

Subphotique is a re-edition of sorts of the Triton Spirotechnique from the 1960s – at least it takes a number of its key design elements from that watch.

Technical updates include a water-resistance of 500 meters – as well as the automatic Helium release Valve, which we can see sat, just below the beautifully polished coin-edged bezel.

While there are some similarities with the lug and crown set-up of the newly reborn ZRC GRANDS FONDS, the Subphotique is clearly of a completely different design. It would be interesting to see them side by side.

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