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RALF TECH [in the land of the rising sun]

By TLex After great successes in Europe and the US, RALF TECH have finally entered the Japanese watch market. The Japanese take their watch collecting very seriously and are among the most meticulous and passionate that there are.

For several years, Japanese collectors have ventured to Europe to buy the WRX and WRV models. Now they can do in their home country, especially if they live in Tokyo; as RALF TECH has just moved into WATCH MAISON, a luxury watchmaking subsidiary of TAKASHIMAYA major stores.

Located in the city center in the district of Nihombashi, close to Ginza, the WATCH MAISON occupies the first two floors of a beautiful building filled the most prestigious Swiss and Japanese brands.

On the second floor of the WATCH MAISON, RALF TECH exhibited for the first time in Japan a complete collection including the Torpedo Manufacture model. WATCH MAISON is now the fourth point of sale to RALF TECH World for Manufacture parts with, MARTIN PULLI the United States, Italy and Cristilli and COLETTE in France. 

RALF TECH should rapidly extend its network and will soon move to other Japanese cities including Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto.

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