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Sinn T1 B EZM14 & T2 B EZM15

By TLex Sinn have released a lovely new pair of divers! The T1 B EZM 14 (45mm) & T2 B EZM 15 (41mm) mission timers, boast cases and components that have been milled from high-strength Titanium and then bead-blasted and set off with matte-blue electroplated dials. See [T1 & T2].

Sinn mention ''high-strength'', but I don't think the Ti has actually been strengthened as such, not in the same way that their Tegmented Submarine Steel used for the U1 & U2 is. However Titanium is particularly light-weight, has a very high strength anyway and is exceptionally resistance to saltwater, so is perfectly designed for use in seawater. Ti also offers a high-level of comfort as it is hypoallergenic. I do wonder what the actual grade used was, tho?

Special divers features of the T1 B and T2 B include: Sinn's ''Captive Safety Diver's Bezel'' which is distinguished by two basic components: its secure attachment and rotation protection. The set time is especially easy to read thanks to the different shapes of the hour and minute hands.

To ensure that this is also possible in the dark or in adverse viewing conditions, the T1 B also features color-differentiated luminous paint for the minute hand and key mark on the bezel allowing for clear reading of dive-time.

The suitability as a divers watch for professional use for the T1 B & T2 B has been certified by the classification company DNV GL. DNV GL, which verifies and certifies pressure resistance to a diving depth of 1000 meters, as well as temperature resistance and functionality, in accordance with the European diving device standards.

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