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CORUM Admiral's Cup AC-One 45 TIDES

By TLex Redesigned and reworked, and more than two decades after its first launch, Corum’s iconic Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 Tides watch is here again in two striking colors that are guaranteed to give your summer 2015 attire a real pop of color –

while ensuring that you stay bang on time with its specialized mechanical movement that powers indicators for the time and strength of the tides, the lunar cycle, as well as the strength of the currents and the height of the tides, which follow a twice-a-day lunar cycle, coming in on average every 12hrs 25mins. before going out again.

After three long years of development, conducted in collaboration with the Astronomic Observatory of Geneva and the SHOM (Hydrographic and Oceanographic Services of the French National Navy) based in Brest, the CO 277 caliber (which dates back to 1993) is the driving force at the core of the Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 Tides.

It provides its essential navigation-related indicators either an ocean blue or red dial (model depending) with some funky looking sub-dials. The Moon, which determines tidal movements, appears at 12 o’clock. When it is full or black (new moon), meaning when it is aligned the Earth and the Sun, the amplitude or strength of the tides – indicated by a dedicated hand on the dial – is at its peak, with a coefficient of between 95 and 120, dipping to between 20 and 45 during the first and last moon quarters.

The 6 o’clock sub-dial indicates the time of the two next tides in the next 24-hour period. To know whether the tide is rising or ebbing, the user need only consult the counter at 9 o’clock, which also indicates the current strength. The maximum tide intensity is shown when the pointer is on the horizontal red line. The strength of the current declines when the hand moves towards the high and low tides indicator reaching its lowest strength when the hand can align with the vertical white line.

These highly legible sub-dials have been are elegantly arranged on a main dial adorned with Corum’s famous and exclusive “split pomegranate” motif, while the iconic nautical pennants on the inner bezel ring lend an elegant overall sense of depth.

An authentic SHOM-certified precision navigating instrument, the CO 277 caliber beats at the rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour and has a 42-hour power reserve. Also driving a date display at 3 o’clock, it is housed in the emblematic 12-sided Admiral’s Cup case.

The case is made from Grade 5 Titanium and is remarkably light despite its robust style and generous 45mm diameter. Its layered structure features either blue or red (model depending) PVD-treated Titanium inserts accenting the color of the dial and the vulcanized rubber strap secured by a folding clasp. It is water-resistant to 300 meters and has been fitted with a Sapphire back providing view of the CO 277 movement that beats within. ;)

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