H2O Kalmar II OceanicTime Special Edition 8000M

Here are the first images of the production model, H2O Kalmar II OceanicTime Special Edition 8000M, one of deepest and most accessible production mechanical divers watches available in the world, today!

Both watches, this and the previously seen, 6000M water-resistant version are available to order NOW from H2O Watches online-store (please follow the links, HERE (6K) and HERE (8K)).

Both the 6K and 8K versions are currently being assembled in Germany and are just a few short weeks away with an expected delivery date from the end of April. Features and specifications of the 8000M version are as follows:

Its dial is in a high-gloss deep-black with the H2O Kalmar’s signature double hour markers, which have been generously filled with Swiss BGW9 SLN. There is a choice of either a gloss-orange minute-hand, or full chrome handset.

The hour markers, the H2O cresting wave logo and the OceanicTime Diver icon are all in chrome, creating a visually stunning effect when paired with the chrome handset, mentioned above.

Both minute-markers and the date window have been removed from the dial to keep it as clean and elegant looking as possible. All the hands have also been filled with Swiss BGW9 SLN.

A single line of gloss-orange ‘8000M’ text stands out against the glossy black of the dial, serving as a stark but proud reminder of the watch's staggering level of water-resistance.

The Swiss made, ETA 2892 that powers the Kalmar II OceanicTime SE 8000M is just over 3.5mm in height, so while the watch has a 6mm thick solid Grade 5 Titanium caseback and a 8.25mm thick raised Sapphire crystal, it remains wearable.

Grade 5 Titanium was specifically chosen by H2O's engineers when developing the Kalmar II OceanicTime SE as it is almost twice as hard as 316L Stainless steel and 40% lighter! It has been used for the main case and its components.

For reference, Grade 5 Titanium has a hardness of 349 Vickers. By comparison 316L Ss has a hardness of 152 while G2 Ti is 149 Vickers. Another benefit of Titanium is that it is hypoallergenic, meaning that, it will not react with your skin to cause any irritation.

The watch’s dimensions are as follows; the case has a diameter of 42.5mm, the bezel a diameter of 44mm while the overall-length is 53.4mm and the total thickness of the watch (including its 8.25mm thick crystal) is just 21.6mm.

This is almost 7mm thinner (6.9mm to be precise) than the famous CX Swiss Military 20,000FEET and more than 5 and ½ millimeters thinner (5.6mm) than the HELBERG CH1 (also from H2O Watches), which both have 2000M less WR.

Divers features include: an automatic Helium Escape Valve (9 o’clock), a Grade 5 Ti divers bezel with a black ceramic inlay and BGW9 luminous dive-time-scale, a solid screwdown Grade 5 Ti caseback engraved with the OceanicTime diver motif and an 8mm OT diver signed screwdown crown.

Pressure-resistance is up to 800 bar, the equivalent of 8000 meters. Testing was conducted by a leading German research company that is the only facility of its type in Germany capable of pressure testing to 4000 bar!

This is one of, if not the deepest Swiss powered, European built production mechanical divers watches available, today. It is also has one of, if not the best depth-rating to case thickness ratios, and is certainly the most affordable and most obtainable extreme diver of its kind.

Standard accessories of the watch include: a handmade 5mm thick black calfskin strap with white contrast stitching, an H2O CNC Grade 5 Titanium buckle, a hex-screw driver, a security case and a warranty card.

Optional accessories include: a 5mm thick and ultra-strong H2O Grade 5 Titanium bracelet with hex screws and micro-adjustment clasp.

Pricing for the Kalmar II OceanicTime SE are as follows: PRE-ORDER PRICING until 30.04.2015: 6000M: 949 Euro (excl. 19% VAT) / $996 (excl. 19% VAT) 8000M: 1190 Euro (excl. 19% VAT) / $1250 (excl. 19% VAT).

Optional bracelet: 250 Euro (excl. 19% VAT) / $262,50 (excl. 19% VAT) Premium UPGRADE Package for the H2O KALMAR 2 OceanicTime SE 6000M incl. ETA 2892 and 4 high quality leather straps: 200 Euro (excl. 19% VAT) / $210 (excl. 19% VAT) 19% VAT only for EU customers.

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