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Vostok Europe AN-225 MRIYA

By TLex ANCHAR aside, why is it that Vostok Europe's most rugged dive watches are made in tribute to aircraft, moon-landers and rockets. I'm not what the answer to that is, but what I can tell you is that the Lithuanian based watchmaker makes a great looking Russian heritage diver!

Case in point - the Ekranoplan, the LUNOKHOD-2 and the N1 Rocket. And here is their latest offering, inspired by the world’s largest airplane, the AN-225 Mriya - celebrating VE's 10th anniversary.

The name Mriya comes from Ukrainian and means 'a dream'. Not only will the watch be VE's largest model to date, but it will be their first to be powered by an automatic chronograph movement, the Japanese made SII (base) NE88 with its new column-wheel.

The watch's case is water-resistant up to 20 atm and is available in either polished Stainless steel, Rose Gold or black PVD finishing.

It will come in a watch set that includes two straps (one leather and one silicon) that are interchangeable by VE's own screw driver and presented in a leather box.

VE also offer a high-quality model of the AN-225 plane (with a 20cm wingspan) as an additional accessory. The AN-225 Mriya will be available in a limited quantity of just 500 pieces from next week.

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