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By TLex Introducing the latest member of Oris Aquis family of dive watches, the new Aquis Date Orange. Following in the pioneering footsteps of the Aquis Depth GAUGE, a dive watch that Oris are quite proud of -

owing to its simple yet effect means of measuring depth without necessitating the deep pockets that are usually required when purchasing a mechanical depth gauge, the new Aquis Date Orange (thanks to an innovation based on real research) is said to make use of the true colors of the deep!

Based on findings made by authors John A. Adolfson and Thomas E. Berghage in their groundbreaking 1974 work, ''Perception and Performance under Water'', where the visibility of color underwater was examined, they discovered that orange, green and yellow were the most visible colors underwater - well, I guess we knew that already, right!

Nevertheless the study showed that, in clear water, where most recreational diving takes place, fluorescent green and yellow are the most visible colors from long distances, while fluorescent orange was said to be excellent!

Oris are certainly not the first, nor are they likely to be the last to create a model inspired on this logic. Dive watches like the Aquis Date Orange are (when they aren't desk-diving or feeding the watch-buying habits of WIS) on occasion used as critical underwater tools for indicating dive-time and for calculating oxygen levels and decompression stops.

Seen at close quarters, dive watches need to have clear displays, and to be accurate and highly legible - hence the use of orange! By making the 15-minute scale on the bezel insert orange, and filling the applied indices and nickel hands with dark orange SuperLumiNova, Oris have created a watch with excellent underwater legibility.

Besides this, when contrasted against the unidirectional rotational divers bezel with its black ceramic inlay and the black dial and gun-metal grey Stainless steel PVD-coated 300 meter water-resistant case - the orange elements and the hydrophobic orange rubber divers strap look plain hot! MSRP is 1750CHF ;)

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