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HUBLOT King Power 48MM Oceanographic 4000 & EXOSUIT

By TLex Hublot has sponsored the next-generation of ADS (atmospheric diving suit) AKA the Exosuit for the team that is exploring the site where the ancient Greek calendar, the Antikythera device was found.

Hublot actually released a Limited Edition titanium constructed tourbillion, the MP-08 Antikythera Sunmoon that was inspired by the original device. It wasn’t a diver, so it wasn’t discussed here. However, it was a diver of sorts – a one man submersible pilot wearing an Exosuit that allowed for such deep sea excavation that lead to its discovery.

Much like the famous JIM or Newtsuit ADSs that were used for work on ocean drilling rigs, pipelines and salvage jobs; the sci-fi looking Exosuit (piloted by Michael Lombardi in the video below), resembles a suit of armor, only with highly sophisticated computerized controls and robotic arms;

one of which was sporting a HUBLOT King Power 48MM Oceanographic 4000 with a water-resistance of 4000 meters – more than 13 times higher than the Exosuit’s 300 meters! My thanks to Cal of Timemachinist for bringing this cool story to my attention. ;)


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