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By TLex H2O have made 13 pieces of their CH1 über beast in Tungum! It's the same amazing watch, with the same incredible specifications that include 6000m of water-resistance, only its case has been constructed from Tungum rather than Bronze or Steel.

For those that aren't familiar with this exotic alloy, Tungum is an alpha brass, developed in the 30s by British metallurgist, Sidney Tungay, who was experimenting with copper based alloys that he hoped would have the appearance of 22 carat whilst being able to standard up to the rigors of everyday life.

Today Tungum is used to make high-pressure gas pipework systems, such as those used in offshore industries dealing with highly combustible gases, as it is non-magnetic and has non-sparking (electrostatic discharge) properties. It is also highy salt water corrosion-resistant - a perfect match for a deep sea diver like the CH1!

Follow the link HERE to be taken to H2O's fantastic new online shop with new interactive watch configurator! Follow the link to read my in-depth review of the CH1 STEEL . . .

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