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OMEGA Seamaster 120 GREEN 66

By TLex I couldn’t resist posting this. The Seamaster 120 was a model from Omega’s Professional line of watches that included the iconic Seamaster 300. It was designed as working instrument to be used in activities such as diving. The Seamaster 120, launched in 1966, was a popular choice for diving enthusiasts. Its barrel-shaped case was water-resistant to 120 meters.

The Seamaster 120 came with a classic black dial with a black rotating bezel, a black dial with an orange rotating bezel, a burgundy-colored dial with a matching rotating bezel and, as shown here a version with a green dial and bezel. Here’s to a revival of Omega’s color palette of that era! ;)

Click to see live images of the Seamaster 1200M PLOPROF

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