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By TLex Lest we forget the virtues of a beautifully brushed steel case - here is a closer look at the devastatingly good looking DSS inspired, HELBERG CH1!

Shown here, the CH1 is fitted with a standard divers bezel with its elapsed dive time scale in SL. There is an option for a sterile bezel with only the 12hr marker.

This is the first time that we are able to see the (tamer) 7mm high domed Sapphire crystal and the standard CH1 silver watch dial. A gold accented dial is also available.

The 15mm high spherical crystal was so high that it caused a too much distortion, a 2nd dial had to specially designed to counteract the distortion

- however a certain (desirable) amount of distortion will remain so that the watch retains much of the charm of the original dial, which warped under its massive glass.

Finally the watch is presented on a brushed steel 22mm, three link, non-tapering bracelet with an H2O micro adjustment clasp. Stay tuned for more soon . . .

Check out the CH1 BRONZE prototype watch . . .

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