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ENZO Mechana Ref. 500 'Gauge' XL

By TLex This isn't quite what it seems. Yes, its an off the wall ENZO Mechana Ref.500 'Gauge', but the rarer XL version. Although it has a larger overall diameter it is actually far better proportioned than its predecessor. The case size has been increased by 5mm - from 45mm to 50mm whilst the thickness has been reduced by 5mm - from 38mm to 33mm.

The overall length of the watch is 57.5mm. The overall weight of the watch is 338.5 grams. You might have noticed that unlike the 45mm version this one doesn't have an HEV either. The highly polished case has been tested to 3000 meters - it houses a vintage Omega caliber.

This one belongs to a fellow enthusiast and creator of the upcoming TIMEMACHINIST series, Cal, who kindly took these images. Cheers, mate! I know of just one other Ref. 500 XL, which Enzo is currently working on for me. It will have a bead-blasted finish.



  1. Any wrist shots please :) amazing built & excellent designs <3

  2. I Got Very Lucky And Enzo's Finishing Up The Last[there are only 2] XL Gage In March 2016 And It Will Be Even More Amazing Than The First One-I Can't Wait..!