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By TLex This is the first of the highly anticipated new line of Enzo Mechana models from maverick dive watch designer, Enzo AKA the Yellow Submarine Captain. The first thing that strikes you about his latest creation is its enormous case thickness; at 38mm high it's almost 10mm thicker than the CX 20'000 feet, which measures a whopping 28.5mm.

The rest of the watch's dimensions remain fairly modest; a 45mm diameter with a lug to lug measurement of 50mm and a 24mm lug width. The watch has been constructed for 316L stainless steel and fitted with an optional manual HEV (helium escape valve). Because his watches are hand built the sizes say Enzo, can be altered if desired. Then there's its massive 7.9mm UV coated domed sapphire crystal, which can be substituted for a less imposing 4.9mm thick crystal.

For the moment the water-resistance is unknown; but Enzo states only this: "Water-resistance rating, how much water you got? It's a submarine!". Other options include date or no date and a choice of handsets, which are yet to be finalized. Apart from its instrument-like appearance and hand crafted Italian quality, what makes the watch so special is Enzo's use of vintage calibers, this one can be fitted with either an Omega 565 cal or Rolex 1570 cal. I have no idea how wearable a piece this will be, but who cares . . . BRAVO, Enzo!

From Enzo Mechana "This is not so much a watch as we know them, but a piece of (end of the world essential) equipment!"

© EnzoMechana

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