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By TLex Vostok Europe announces the first of their novelties of the 2012 year and it's a diver! The new ANCHAR named so after the world's fastest attack submarine, the K-162 Anchar submarine was constructed with a titanium hull, one of the predominant factors that allowed it to achieve such a high velocity and one that also contributed greatly to the durability of this famous submarine.

The use of the titanium for the new ANCHAR watch line is not only of symbolic significance as it was inspired by the Anchar submarine, but also the new titanium ANCHAR watches are now up to 1.5 times lighter than their stainless steel predecessors, weighing just 100g instead of 150g. They are also hypoallergenic, which makes them extremely comfortable against the skin.

An ANCHAR in Titanium is a great idea, however I'm a little concerned about the bright colors, specifically the green, it screams FASHION DIVER to me! It really needs to be on a black strap, and if we must use green, let's tone it down a little, please . . .

Click HERE to see the ANCHAR in action . . .

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