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Carl Spencer's DIVERS (a legend's divers)

By TLex Two DOXA Subs and a ROLEX Sea-Dweller from the estate of Carl Spencer will go on auction in the UK this month. Tech-diving pioneer and one of the world's most accomplished and respected deep-wreck divers, sadly died aged just 39 from decompression sickness, or 'the bends'. The tragic accident happened whilst on an underwater filming mission to explore the Britannic, the Titanic's sister ship. Carl had actually worked on the Titanic itself with the film director James Cameron.

Lot #49 is a circa 2007 Limited Edition DOXA Seaconqueror SUB 5000T Professional, #169 / 5000.

Lot #50 is a circa 2007 Limited Edition DOXA Diving with Legends SUB 1200T Professional, #39 / 99. The watch comes together with the Diving With Legends book, a book that featured, Carl Spencer among other diving greats. Each of the DOXA watches are expected to fetch between 1'000 and 1'500GBP at auction.

Lot #225 is a circa 2002 ROLEX Sea-Dweller 16600 T. It is expected to fetch between 3'000 -4'000GBP.

The auction is being conducted by Fellows of the UK on January 23rd. Click HERE for further details . . .

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