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SCAFO Professional Diver 500m

By TLex I caught this 50 piece private label diver posted on WUS the other day and quite liked the look of it. The SCAFO Professional Diver was put together by some members of a Spanish watch forum, not sure, which one, though, no doubt someone will chime in later.

The watch case, which measures 45mm and has water-resistance of 500m was produced Longio. It reminds me a lot of another private label diver I caught a few years back called the
PRODIVE Guardian Vintage No.1. I think Longio were behind that one, too. There's also some similarity with HELSON Buccaneer; not a bad thing.

Some features of the SCAFO Professional include: a 4mm thick sapphire crystal with single AR coating, Helium escape valve (9 o'clock), C1 SuperlumiNova and an ETA 2824-2. I think this is a particularly attractive case design, although I would prefer it brushed myself. Nice clean dial with diver logo, cool KonTiki-esque handset, charming turtle engraving on the caseback and great lume job. Nice work!

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