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PRODIVE Guardian

By TLex I recently came across the PRODIVE Guardians in a Japanese watch magazine and really liked the look of them. They use a skull 'n' cross bones for their logo, which you'll find on the signed crowns and casebacks of all their watches. It works really well and looks pretty cool.

From what I can gather PRODIVE are a private dive watch label under the umbrella of a watch company called MEISTERAT, who according to the text were supposedly founded in 1961. MEISTERAT are reportedly also based in Wismar (WIS mar! I'm not making this up, it's a real place, Google it! ) in northern Germany. If you notice the Vintage No.1 it actually says Wismar Germany on the dial.

If you translate the dubious text on the PRODIVE homepage there's even a reference to Schaumburg in there. I have no idea why? However, wherever I have seen these watches advertised be it on the net or in magazines Longio have not been far behind, which would suggest Chinese rather than German heritage.

Now to the watches which are all large factory cased 1000m autos, but as stated earlier they do look pretty cool especially the Vintage No.1 with the polished case. I love the date window placement and the text running round it, cool handset, too! The others I could pretty much take or leave!

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