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Patrick Musimu RIP (dies whilst training)

By TLex Some sad news, today. I have just learnt of Belgium Freediver Patrick Musimu's tragic death on the 21st July 2011. According to sources, Patrick had been doing his usual training alone, which included a relaxation session in his swimming pool, where he was later found dead. Patrick Musimu was highly regarded in the Freediving world for his amazing freediving feats, which included an incredible dive to 209.6m on a single breath.

He was also known in the watch world for his association with JaegerLe-Coultre and more recently his partnership with SECTOR Watches. He made an incredible video for JLC, where he wore the Master Compressor DIVING Chrono for an epic 8 minute dive, again on just one breath of air. A true hero of a man, Patrick leaves behind a wife and a seven year old daughter. Rest in peace . . .

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