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NIVREL Deep Ocean (new)

By TLex Whilst at the Basel fair I met with the lovely people from NIVREL, who were good enough to show me their latest divers model, the Deep Ocean. The new divers model comes shortly after an announcement made last year, that the production of their popular Deep Sea diver will be discontinued. Those of you who know the brand and their range of divers will have also been familiar with the Red Sea and South Sea. Some might have even had an encounter with NIVREL Shark Sea 3000m tourbillon, which incidentally I also got to have a look at.

NIVREL's Deep Ocean comes with the motto 'From the Sea to the Ocean'. Its unpretentious design might not be particularly groundbreaking or remarkable, but if fairness I don't think it's meant to. It is what is, a very nicely made German diver that comes with a very reasonable price tag. Stay tuned for further details on the new Deep Ocean . . .

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