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REACTOR Poseidon Giveaway

From TLex REACTOR Watches are the kind sponsors of this month's OceanicTime Giveaway. Up for grabs is their very latest diver, the POSEIDON; a beast of a watch measuring 48mm x 17mm and weighing in at 255 grams. It is depth tested to 1'000 meters, meets with (and in some cases exceeds) ISO standards for a divers watch, has both internal and external timing bezels and 10-year lithium power cell. The lucky winner can chose between TWO models; the YELLOW dialed version with a full bracelet and divers extension clasp or the RED dial with a secure rubber divers strap.

HOW TO WIN the new REACTOR Poseidon . . .

STEP (1) Go to the REACTOR & OceanicTime Facebook pages and click 'LIKE' (you must like both pages)

STEP (2) Go to the REACTOR website and cut the first NINE words of the 1st sentence that is written in the Poseidon's description (

Step (3) Paste the completed sentence into an email and send it to me at oceanictime@oceanictime.net with the Subject marked: 'REACTOR Poseidon Giveaway'.

The contest will run from February 21st - March 21st. The lucky winner will be announced shortly after. GOOD LUCK everyone!

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