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MARCELLO C Hydrox (a dive watch with a deadly name)

By TLex After extensive design studies and numerous prototypes here is the final iteration of the new MARCELLO C HYDROX. The 300m HYDROX takes its name from the gas mixture of Hydrogen and Oxygen that is breathed by deep sea divers. This mixture allows them to descend to great depths. Hydrox, which is highly explosive, can be a further hazard to the diver as the presence of Hydrogen in the mixture has a narcotic effect, which can cause Hydrogen Narcosis, which in turn can cause confusion, disorientation and hallucinations making Hydrox potentially lethal to work with; still wanna be a deep sea diver?

The HYDROX watch with its contemporary aesthetic is a far safer option than its namesake, that's not to say that its design elements are in anyway staid far from it Marcello C. have developed a very nice looking watch with a bold dial layout and striking handset, albeit not too dissimilar from those of the latest Aquatimers. The bracelet with its push button clasp a further indication of the extent to which Marcello C. took the development of their new dive watch; it looks superb!

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