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From TENCHÉ Watches Designed by and manufactured for Techné to retro-fit the Citizen Promaster NY0040/45/46 (Miyota 8203), our dial comes in a diameter of 28.5 mm with a matt black background, matt white printing with Diver's 200m marking and Super-Luminova C5 coating.

The calibre Miyota 8203 has the same hands fitting diameter as all other Miyota 82xx calibres: hours 1.520 mm, minutes 1.000 mm, seconds 0.170 mm. The longest hand should have a maximum of 13 mm from center hole to tip.

PROMASTER The Promaster NY004x is a professional diver's watch that meets ISO 6425 standards. Citizen designed it to meet their stringent requirements yet at the same time optimized it for mass production.

The Promaster NY0040x can be purchased for a little bit more than a hundred USD. Still, the watch remains a remarkable timepiece, the design of which might not do justice.

With the customizing Techné dial and NATO G10 strap, the Promaster NY0040x
can be transformed into a stylish timepiece within a very reasonable budget.

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  1. Hello, i have two dials from techne and will mod my promasters, one with plongeur hands and the other with the hands shown above- what are called?