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PATTON Watches (intro)

By TLex Located in Paris' first arrondissement at La Place Vendôme, PATTON Watches seem to be making a bit of a splash as this year's hot new fashion-adventure watches. They look somewhat familiar to me; Navitec (bezel claws) meets Panerai (reinforced crown protectors)?

Whilst not strictly dive watches (they lack a rotating divers bezel) they are built for a little abuse above and beyond what they will encounter in the trendy bars and cafés of Paris. Of the three models in their repertoire two models might be of interest.

The P42 HYPERBARE is one of these watches that owes its high depth rating (1000m) to an oil filled case, which helps to keep pressure equalized. As with all oil filled watches it houses a quartz movement; in this case a Swiss Quartz with a 10yr lithium battery. A small air bubble which has been permanently trapped between its sapphire crystal and dial serves as a reminder.

The black dial with its oversized lumed numerals and undersized handset strikes a nice balance. I would love to see a lume shot as this would mostly certainly make or break this watch. Its 316L stainless steel case has been PVD coated. The P42H is available on either a rubber or carbon strap.

The P42 IMMERSION is the more versatile of the two with no less than six different strap / bracelet options. Its polished stainless steel case is water resistance to 300 meters. There is no mention of case size for any of the models, but going by the wrist shots I’ve encountered and the lines’ name ‘P42’, I would assume they’re all 42mm.

The IMMERSION houses the same Swiss Quartz powered by a 10yr lithium battery. Both watches have screwdown crowns that are further protected by reinforced crown protectors.

I wouldn't go as far as to say that I love the P42s, but I do see the appeal. With prices ranging from 725 -1550euro they're quite pricey, especially when you consider they're fitted with quartz movements, and as yet their case size and more importantly the ability of their lume system remains a mystery??!

From PATTON Watches TESTING Prolonged deep-sea dives, extreme cold and altitude, centrifugal force and acceleration . . .

A P42 HYPERBAR was tested in real-life diving conditions using one of the world’s largest hydrostatic pressure tanks. The P42H was immersed by the BREST-IROISE team of IFREMER engineers in a giant hyperbaric tank filled with water and locked with hydraulic cylinders in order to stand up to the incredible pressure simulating very great depths.

The tank was computer operated from an adjoining room. We decided with the IFREMER engineers to increase the pressure by 10 bars per minute, i.e. 100 metres/m and to level out at 1000 metres for 10 minutes before decreasing the pressure at the same speed. The verdict was revealed when the tank was opened: the PATTON P42H was brought up in perfect working condition, set as before its pressurisation down to the second.

What is most incredible in this trial is the phenomenal force at these depths; at 1000 metres the pressure is 100 kg/cm2, representing over a tonne in weight pressing on the sapphire glass of our P42. Through these trials in real-life conditions, we once again validated the design and manufacture of our P42H watches and bring you the reassurance of wearing one of the most watertight watches in the world.

CHALLENGES A PATTON P42H attached to the wreck of a cargo ship at the bottom of the INDIAN OCEAN. The watch is fixed to a wire inside the ship's bridge. Once a month, deep-sea divers check that the case is watertight and the movement is functioning correctly.

To date, the P42 HYPERBAR remains watertight at over 1000 metres and continues to give the exact time without any variation since its immersion. The expected lifetime of the watch’s lithium battery is approximately ten years. We will keep you updated on the evolution of this underwater adventure . . .

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