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AZIMUTH Xtreme-1 DEEP DIVER (OceanicTime special edition)

By TLex Unconventional looking yet deeply cool; a utilitarian professional divers instrument with Rock Star appeal; Baselworld 2010’s most intriguing diver and OcenaicTime's most wanted for 2010. The AZIMUTH Xtreme-1 DEEP DIVER is due for release in the 2nd part of this year. As well as the regular version (with red DEEP DIVER lettering) there is also a possibility of a special edition for OceanicTime and its readers.

The OceanicTime special edition will be exactly the same as the regular model forsake one or two very subtle aesthetic differences. Blue will be used for the DEEP DIVER lettering instead of red, and it may or may not sport the OceanicTime diver icon just left of 9 o’clock (your votes will decide). AZIMUTH and I are undecided on whether to put the diver icon on the dial or not, so would be extremely appreciative of your input. Please take the time to cast your vote for the version of the DEEP DIVER special edition that you think looks best.

A specially engraved case back is also planned, the design of which is yet to be decided, but will most likely be put to the vote as well. Finally AZIMUTH will offer an exclusive discount for OceanicTime readers on the special edition.

DEEP DIVER (please click to vote)


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