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AZIMUTH Xtreme-1 Deep Diver

By TLex AZIMUTH’s X-treme-1 Deep Diver is the first of a series of 3 new divers to come from AZIMUTH. I will be posting details of two other divers shortly, one 1500 meter GMT and one other 500 meter model. At 2000 meters the X-treme-1 is the most extreme of the three.

The Deep Diver’s case design has captivated me since I first caught sight of it. Aggressive and bold yet highly refined and charismatic; its 56.5mm x 46mm x 20mm dimensions crafted from one piece of high-grade titanium (equipped with lateral helium escape valve) make the statement; avant-garde isn’t just for the sake of art, it also stands for innovation. And an avant-garde dive watch design doesn’t have to be impractical it can be purposeful. One only has to look at the Deep Diver’s case side profile; to see this.

Year in year out we are exposed to the same old tired looking dive watch designs; it isn’t too often that a dive watch breaks the mold. In fairness one reason is that to achieve a certain depth rating; let’s say higher than 1000 meters the case design is more effective one way than it is another, square cased dive watches are less resistant to pressure than traditional round cases. This limits dive watch designers to a certain degree.

However AZIMUTH have very masterfully overcome this issue by putting the movement of the watch in an inner casing. The outer casing is then securely attached by means of 6 special screws. A 4.0mm thick double domed and double AR coated sapphire crystal holds everything else in place.

The bezel fascia lends a little from the PAM194; the inclusion of additional lumed markers a nice update. The unidirectional bezel has a nice looking utilitarian feel to it; as does its knurled crown. The dial layout, complete with generous lume application and its red 2000m lettering also reminiscent of other high-end extreme divers. Everything ties together very nicely,and we are reminded that the Deep Diver is a functional 2000 meter dive watch not just a finely sculpted piece of functional men’s jewelry. Stay tuned for more . . .

From AZIMUTH Fernando Alberto Lozano Andrade, the famous Mexican explorer knows no boundaries in life. Having climbed the 5,916 m.s.n.m Licancabur volcano in Chile-Bolivia in 2005 and the 5,032 m.s.n.m Popocatepetl in Mexico in 1984, he will now embark on a dangerous expedition code named the ‘Absolute Altitude’ to the Ojos del Salado.

The Ojos del Salado is the highest active volcano in the world standing at 6,896 m.s.n.m and is located on the border of Chile and Argentina. To top it off, Fernando will also be the first adventurer to explore the mysterious lake in the volcano, a place that is still untouched and undocumented. If this attempt is successful, it will set a new World Record in High Altitude diving.

Being a foremost expeditor, Fernando knows that having a trusted timepiece on his wrist could mean breaking a world record or even accurate time-keeping that could save his life.

“I needed a reliable watch that not only could deliver precision and accuracy but at the same time is hardy enough to withstand harsh conditions and climates. I needed an explorer’s watch, a timepiece created specifically for extreme sports, a Hummer that can go into the deepest depths and also climb the highest mountains and I found it all in the Xtreme-1 range of watches,” explains Fernando.

“Time is of the essence when you are scaling great heights or going deep into the earth, we have to make sure that we have sufficient oxygen to last us throughout the journey and back, therefore every second counts. This is why I assisted Azimuth to design and build the Sea Hum and Deep Diver to specifically cater to my extreme needs and it is also the only timepiece I will entrust my life upon in my next expedition to Ojos del Salado,” Fernando adds.

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