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PRECISTA PRS 3 (teasers)

By TLex Precista await their final inventory of stock of the PRS 3 to be fulfilled before shipping out to devotees all over the world. This should be by the end of September / beginning of October.

Eddie Platts' creations have a cult following that has grown from the initial success of the PRS2 Dreadnought and has continued to spiral and grow as Precista have put out other conceptions and homages of revered dive watches such as the PRS 50-B.

Here's a fine example of how a watchmaker rewards his loyal fans by developing and producing a watch of unquestionable quality, yet keeping it within an acceptable price range. The PRS 3 promises to deliver for under 350GBP. Stay tuned for final specs and delivery details . . .

© Precista

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