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By TLex From British watchmaker Eddie Platts, comes Precista's latest diver the PRS3, which should be ready for release in July.

The first batch will be limited editions of 200 pieces. They will come in four different colors; black, orange, blue and yellow, 50 of each.

More watches will be produced later, but they will be black non LE versions. They will come with regular elapsed dive time bezels.

All PRS3s will come on a bracelet. In addition the colored LE versions will also be supplied with respective colored rubber straps and will have dual countdown 12hr bezels.

The final design and specs are yet to have been made public (a few minor changes have been made though), but here're a few of Eddie's latest renderings to keep us tied over until the upcoming release. They should give enough of a hint as to the final look of the watch.

As always, Eddie, great work, as fellow Brit it's always a pleasure to see great looking dive watches coming out of Old Blighty! ;)

© Precista

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