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ENNEBI Fondale (perfection)

© Unknown

By TLex
I don't think there needs to be a reason to post pics of the Fondale other than it being an understated thing of beauty.

Based on the same platform as a PANERAI prototype designed by Alessandro Bettarini in 1988 for the Italian Navy, and one which never went into production. Its 47mm case is constructed from Grade 5 titanium. It houses an automatic Swiss movement and is water-resistant to 1000m.

In 2004 the case design was revived by Alessandro and his partner Luciano Nincheri and was used for the Fondale, Ennebi's flagship model.

PANERAI prototype made for Italian Navy in 1988

© Panerai

Current models remain pretty much the same. Although as of 2008 a new crown was designed for the Fondale of the type already used by its sibling the Xmas. There are also PVD versions as well as a choice of bezel pips from 18kt gold to platinum. Ennebi also offer caseback engravings and can realize pretty much any design you like.

In my humble opinion dive watch design doesn't get much better than this. The Fondale is so simplistic, yet it exudes such sophistication. I hope to have one of these or Decima in my collection in the not so distant future . . .


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