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ENNEBI Fondale (new crown)

By TLex Above are comparison of Fondale crowns, the new slightly thicker crown is on the black Fondale on the left. This in my opinion is a step in the right direction for the Fondale. I have always loved the thicker crown that Decima has and thought the Fondale should have a thicker crown too.

Decima MAS with chunky crown.

© Ennebi

Here's the new left handed Fondale which also features the new-look crown.
Images courtesy of Lapo Bettarini of Ennebi Instruments.

© Panerai

This Paneria diver designed in the 1980's has the thinner crown which, again in my opinion worked due to the fact that it had a crown locking guard. Incidentally this is my ultimate grail dive watch!

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