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LINDE WERDELIN "The Reef" meets Prehistoric Creature

By TLex I had some fun putting this little sequence together. It's the product of three illustrations produced for Linde Werdelin by French manga artist Dominique Bertail, that I cut up and played around with to make a story.

The sequence features Linde Werdelin's Sea Instrument "The Reef" which can be used in conjunction with all Linde Werdelin watches such as the SpidoLite and Oktopus 1,111m.

A female diver exploring frigid waters,
is caught off guard by a prehistoric creature. She's sports "The Reef" in 18K Yellow Gold. The other diver appears to have rescued her. He has a black anodized version of "The Reef".

© Dominique Bertail, Linde Werdlin & OceanicTime

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