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By TLex I’m not the only one hyped up over the forthcoming Halios' release of the HOLOTYPE. The dive watch forums have been buzzing with talk if this eagerly anticipated diver. Here’s a poll form WUS Dive Watch Forum.

Images of bead-blasted cases, chunky bezels and thick bracelets; Wet & Wild images and an even a video of the watch frozen in a solid block of ice (looking cooler than ever), have proven too hard for many to resist, myself included!

Simple, understated, chunky and undeniably a tool diver, and with the current state of the world’s economy, the HOLOTYPE being so reasonably priced at 365USD, it's no surprise that it's been grabbing so much attention.

For me it was the above image of the PVD version on a custom leather strap and Jason’s youtube video of the black dialed PVD version that pushed me over the edge.

I have a black dialed PVD version on order and a couple of my mates have a yellow dialed PVD and black dialed bead-blasted coming in with mine. Thanks Jason for being such a gent, we're really looking forward to getting our HOLOTYPEs!

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