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CX Swiss Military 20000 feet

© CX Swiss Military (Click To Enlarge)

All credit goes to Roger Ruegger for the scoop on this story! Roger also wrote a great review for the 12,000feet.

By TLex: The race into the abyss is on again! In 2005 the CX Swiss Military 12,000feet took the title for the mechanical watch with the highest depth rating until 2008, when the 3900m rated Rolex Seadweller DEEPSEA snatched the title from it.

The Pita Oceana set with an imminent release in the next week or so will be up for the title next with an incredible 5000 meter depth rating! But how long will Pita be able to hold onto the title for? Not for very long it would seem.

The CX Swiss Military 20,000 feet is looking like it has its sights set on plunging right past the DEEPSEA and Oceana as it dives in with a crushing 6096 meter depth rating!

For the time being all that I have is a 20000feet.com website, with a countdown and a slogan in German saying
'Nur Noch Wenige Tage!' 'Only A Few Days!' I can't wait to see the watch!

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