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ENNEBI IX Reggimento 'Col Moschin' Ref. 17100

'Working From Deep Seas Up to The High Sky'

By TLex
Very much in keeping with Ennebi's roots (Ennebi Background) with the Italian military, the IX Reggimento is based on similar specifications to the 'Fondale' platform and follows on very nicely from the 'Decima X Mas' (also based on the Fondale platform) , which was designed to commemorate the 'Sommozzatori' (Italian Military Frogmen) of the 'Incursori' Special Forces.

The IX Reggimento 'Col Moschin' (D'assalto Paracadutistior) 9th Reggiment of the Italian Army Special Forces is made up of specialized parachutists and scuba divers. 'Col Moshin' being the name of a mountain in the Alps were heavy fights took place during World War I.

Specifications for the IX Reggimento 'Col Moschin' Ref. 17100 are as the Fondale Ref. 9640 or Ref. 9650

Images courtesy of Lapo Bettarini of Ennebi, many thanks!

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