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Serious Business! 'Bali Hai Project' Dive Watch

By TLex These girls can’t get enough of the new ‘Bali Hai Project’ Dive watch. When they are aren’t dancing round in grass skirts or sitting at Tiki bars sipping cocktails they’re off diving down to the ocean's depths. And believe me they wouldn’t be without a trusty diver.

Diving down to the ocean’s depths is a serious business and requires a serious watch, which the BHP certainly is. Water-resistant to 1000 meters, it is constructed from 316L marine grade stainless steel, has a seriously thick 5.2mm scratch resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on one side, and many other essential components one would except from a serious dive watch; reliable Swiss ETA movement, C-3 super luminova and a helium release valve for SAT diving or better still showing off to your mates round the pool bar.

As serious a diver as the BHP is; it certainly doesn't take itself too seriously, which is a very refreshing quality these days. The caseback is in engraved with a fun image of hot Tiki girl. A lovely little touch in my opinion, seeing as most of us will end up wearing it whilst sat at our desks surfing the web looking for images of hot Tiki girls anyway, or hanging out and discussing the virtues of the latest dive watch release published on OceanicTime.

So whether you're a serious scuba diver, a serious desk diver or a serious poser, who's looking for a serious dive watch and don't take yourself too seriously either. You should seriously get one!

Incidentally the word ‘serious’ and its derivatives occurred 13 times in this article. I make no apology!

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