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DINO ZEI OROLOGI [a legendary name returns]

Fans of the former Italian dive watch brand, Anonimo will have no doubt heard of Dino Zei who had his own nimo’ signature collection which included the magnificent, San Marco famously worn by Tom Cruise.

Dino Zei, a former Italian naval officer and CEO of G. Panerai & Figlio from 1972 to the 1990s where he was responsible for models such as the Luminor, Egiziano, Radiomir and Mare Nostrum –

is a name that is deeply rooted in the history of both the Officine Panerai and Anonimo Firenze brands.

This great name has returned with a brand-new watch brand, Dino Zei Orologi which has launched with a collection of new models plus the possible return of the legendary San Marco.

The collection currently includes 6 models: the Sauro Chrono released this July, the Todaro Submersible with its Pam-style bezel and brightly colored highlights, its Russian variant, the Akula Submersible and the Seawolf SM available in Bronze or Steel.

The Torado and Akula Submersible models as well as the Seawolf  models all have 49mm cases.

In addition the Ariete GMT which has some Anonimo Millimetri DNA, and last but not least, the Sparviero the likely successor to the San Marco. There is no spec. on the Ariete GMT and so far no pics of the Sparviero.

Thoughts? It’s great to see the Dino Zei name living on.

I have mixed feelings about the lineup, the 49mm models are imho too large for this day and age, the Ariete Gmt shows promise if the size is around 42mm but it has quite a modern style.

However the Sparviero AKA the new San Marco should be a big hit. I wish I had an original San Marco but I do have THIS.

What do you think? I wonder what the prices will be like. Follow the link embedded, below for the full Dino Zei story.


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