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DOXA has literally breathed life back into its historic, aquatic partnership with the legendry Aqua Lung that first introduced the world to Scuba diving in the 1943s, when Jacques-Yves Cousteau co-developed the first underwater breathing apparatus of the same name.

These two sub-aquatic exploration pioneers, DOXA Watches and Aqua Lung have just had their first collaboration in half a century with an exclusive Limited Edition divers watch called the SUB 300 Re-Issue ‘Black Lung’ AKA The Blaqualung!

Following DOXA’s success of the SOLD-OUT, 2016 50th Anniversary SUB 300 Professional; is another very Special Edition SUB in DOXA’s signature orange livery – this one, a homage to an ultra-rare vintage DOXA prototype made in collaboration with legendary scuba-gear manufacturer, Aqua Lung.

The SUB 300 ‘Black Lung’ continues the 50th anniversary celebration for DOXA Watches, whose pioneering SUB first explored the ocean depths in 1967 as a dive watch purpose-built for an emerging recreational scuba diving market.

Praised for its professional-grade quality and famous bright orange dial, the SUB ultimately won the approval of the pioneer of modern diving himself, Jacques Cousteau. US Divers distributed the watches, and in 1998, US Divers and Aqua Lung merged under the Aqua Lung name.

As a dependable, colorful departure from anything of its time, Doxa’s SUB quickly became the benchmark against which all other great dive watches were measured.

Now these two brands have reunited on the eve of Aqua Lung’s 75th anniversary, a journey that began in 1943, when the world’s first self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, dubbed, aqua-lung was developed.

Together with the DOXA SUB dive watch, the original aqua-lung would create the very possibility of ocean exploration, and helped fast-track man’s race beneath the ocean.

"We couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to celebrate our 75th anniversary, than by honoring one of our most historic partnerships,” says Don Rockwell, CEO of Aqua Lung. “DOXA is a trusted name that holds a special place in the minds of our founders, as well as with divers the world over, and we’re proud to honor those traditions,” continues Rockwell.

This special SUB 300 dive watch pays homage to its 1967 counterpart: a prototype SUB produced in extremely limited numbers, nicknamed ‘Black Lung’ by collectors for its yellow-on-black US Divers logo, and featuring the “aqua-lung” wordmark at 8:00.

“It is truly an honor to be a part of the Aqua Lung family,” adds Rick Marei, General Manager of DOXA Watches USA. “Like DOXA, Aqua Lung is a name that carries an incredibly rich legacy of ocean exploration, and we believe this very special SUB is the perfect means of paying tribute.”

Like the original SUB 300, the case of the modern Special Edition is machined from a solid block of Stainless steel, measuring 42.5 mm in diameter, and 13.4 mm thick.

It is powered by a chronometer-grade ETA 2824-2 automatic caliber, and finished with a generously domed bubble Sapphire crystal along with DOXA’s hallmark Stainless steel beads of rice bracelet which tapers to an integrated wetsuit extension.

The serrated, unidirectional divers bezel also displays a patented DOXA innovation: an integrated no-deco scale, engraved in orange, as per the US Navy’s maximum no-decompression limits for safe recreational diving.

The DOXA SUB 300 Black Lung is expected to ship in December of this year, and will have a price of 2590USD. It will be limited to just 300 pieces, which will be presented in a single dial option: DOXA’s signature Professional orange, only – (least we forget) proudly sporting the Aqua-Lung logo at between 7 and 8 o’clock in yellow and black.

How cool is that, how badly do you want one! Follow the link for PRE-ORDER info.

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