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ROLEX Submariner DESERT Issue by SFI

There are certain things in life that you simply don’t mess with and that’s because they’re already perfect, the Sistine Chapel, a Jaguar E-Type, the humble Submariner.

However sometimes there’s a good reason why it is acceptable to tinker with perfection – this is one of those. It’s called the Dessert Issue Submariner.

It has been re-styled to pay a respectful homage to historical military watches of the past such as the Rolex 5517 issued to British SAS & SBS divers during the 1970s, then further enhanced to meet the exact needs of the modern day UKSF.

All watches offered by SFI have been designed in collaboration with a delegation of former members of the UK Special Forces, tested in the same conditions as the current modern UK Special Forces operate and are currently worn by former members of the UK Special Forces.

SFI military Submariners have been exclusively re-designed tested and are worn by members of the UKSF. SFI are the official suppliers of modified military specification watches to former badged members of the UK Special Forces.

Here’s a look at what has actually been done to the watch:

- Military fixed bars
- Bead Blast case finish
- Tactical 'Desert Sand' coating
- 'Submariner' dial text overprint in 'desert sand'
- Custom Sword hands
- Custom rubber continuously graduated 60 minute bezel with luminous markings
- Unique individually numbered case back engravings
- Issued on an extra durable NATO strap (Desert Camo)
- Delivered in a waterproof pelican case with 3 extra straps

Its MSRP is £13500. If I had that knocking about, I’d get one of these in a heartbeat. BTW, donations are made to UKSF charities along with the Princes Trust from the sale of SFI watches.


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