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SQUALE 101 Atmos for Polizia di Stato SOMMOZZATORI

Swiss dive watch manufacturer, Squale of Italy have partnered with one of the most famous police diving teams in the world,

Italy’s famous Polizia di Stato Sommozatori, whose famous logo has previously been printed onto the dial of a Rolex Sea-Dweller Ref. 16600.

Today it is a Squale 101 Atmos, the Swiss brand’s most celebrated divers model that is proudly sporting the iconic black and white octopus logo of the Polizia di Stato Sommozatori on its dial.

The special limited series 101 Atmos is exactly the same as any other 101 Atm except of course for the octopus team logo which can be seen at dominating the 6 o’clock position of the dial.

While a further octopus engraving of the Polizia di Stato Sommozatori can be found along with a wave pattern on the riverside of the watch.

This watch has only just been revealed this month, unfortunately there is no availability for those outside of the Polizia di Stato Sommozatori diving team. :(

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